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Stéphanie Perret

Séminaires avec 22 appareils PRK-1U Stéphanie Perret
About the teacher
The teacher of the Education Center Stephanie Perret has been studying the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi since 2016. Fascinated by this new knowledge and its practical use, Stephanie has participated in numerous seminars on the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi since 2016 under the direction of Vyacheslav Konev and Marina Morozkina. The passing on of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi is today at the center of her individual and group support.

Webinar topic
“Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi on Love” (07.25.2003)
“Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi on God. The Construction of the World through Love” (03.11.2004)
“Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi on the Spirit” (05.08.2003)
Sujets des prochains webinaires programmés

Webinaire à la carte 2 à 6 jours du 9 au 14 avril 2024
Vous pouvez choisir le nombre de jours qui vous convient: 2 à 6 jours consécutifs de séminaire entre le 9 et le 14 avril.

🔹Les textes de référence pour chaque jour sont :
  • Mardi 9 avril: L’enseignement de Grigori Grabovoi sur l’Amour.
  • Mercredi 10 avril: L’enseignement de Grigori Grabovoi sur l’Ame.
  • Jeudi 11 avril: L’enseignement de Grigori Grabovoi sur l’Esprit.
  • Vendredi 12 avril: Enseignement de Grigori Grabovoi sur l’Amour. La connaissance du Monde à travers l’Amour.
  • Samedi 13 avril: Enseignement de Grigori Grabovoi sur Dieu. La Construction du Monde par l’Amour.
  • Dimanche 14 avril: Le principe de périodicité dans la vie éternelle. Le niveau d’anticipation dans la vie éternelle.

Plus d'informations sur le webinaire

Information and registration from Stéphanie Perret via the contacts below.

Grigori Grabovoi's teaching on Love, soul, and spirit with the 22 interconnected PRK-1U

This program is an appointment with yourself, an appointment of presence, an acceleration of your development through the activation and amplification of your interaction with Love, with your soul and your spirit.

It is the opportunity for immersion in the information field and the knowledge of eternal life. Feel, understand, be and act to create, transform and control the events of your Life: in your body which regenerates and rejuvenates, in your daily life where harmony is established spontaneously, in your projects which take shape in their most beautiful ways achievements, for the harmonious development and global salvation of the Earth and all.

Together, with personalized support, we co-create your reality of eternal life in the present.

It takes place in your heart, your physical body and even in your entire Life!

We look forward to accompanying you in a new look at your being and your reality at the heart of eternal life.

Review and testimony:
In person with pleasure, I share with you what the experience of living 10 days of face-to-face seminar in Belgrade in December 2019 brought me, of organizing and teaching five remote webinars since 2021, and what I motivates us to pass it on to you in this exceptional context. Welcome to contact me to discuss this!

Renseignements et inscriptions auprès de Stéphanie Perret
par téléphone au +41 76 415 06 85 et
par email à stephanie.perret@fleurs-d-eveil.com