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Elizabeta Bobnar Nayzher

Seminars with 22 PRK-1U devices Elizabeta Bobnar Nayzher
About the teacher
The teacher of the Education Center Elizabeta Bobnar Nayzher, learned about the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi in 2011. She's been carrying out praxis and concentrations regularly and she's achieved excellent results in normalizing events in everyday life, events in the field of health, finances and interpersonal relationships. She's an organizer of seminars for foreign lecturers.
She has experience in consecutive interpreting of seminars from Russian into Slovenian, as well as in translations of books and author’s seminars by Grigori Grabovoi into Slovenian. She's had experience in teaching the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi since 2018.
She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana and she's a professor of Slovenian and Russian languages.

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  • 16.03.2024 Weninar topics soon
  • 16.03.2024 Weninar topics soon
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Elizabeta Bobnar Najžer - bobnarbeti@gmail.com