The Introduction, through my Teachings, of educational and instrumental technologies to ensure eternal life for all
Speech by Grigori Grabovoi at the IV World Conference on Peace and Light
Speech by Grigori Grabovoi
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In this presentation, I first of all consider the positions of the World from the point of view that the world must be controllable in a creative infinite sense through the action of human consciousness, through the action of his soul and spirit. Proceeding from this, and considering the structure of consciousness, the actions of the soul and the spirit, as a structure of interaction of different levels of light intensity that is perceived by consciousness, it is possible to realize both educational processes and the processes of realizing eternal life through various technical devices that are specifically aimed at ensuring eternal life for all.
In the technologies of ensuring eternal life, there is often a joining of both the level of thinking and the level of control of the system of events.
And for example, in the structure of the controlling forecasting, it is important that positive controlling actions take place simultaneously with viewing the future events. And on this basic principle, when the perception of information simultaneously enables one to optimize information, improve it, my training program has been built and my instrument systems for ensuring my eternal life.

In my patents, for example, in the patent "The Method of Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization", as well as in the patent "Information Carrying System", there is such a text that the operator generating a bio-signal should send this signal to certain optical systems, this signal is being normalized and simultaneously, due to the intersection with the elements of the future events, it normalizes the structure of the future events. And this normalization is enhanced by optical systems.

And as it is written in my patent "Information Carrying System" if to work according to such a principle of correspondence of vibrational structures of light, for example, of human consciousness and remote light structures of work of the equipment, then the distance, for example, to some kind of instrument system, or generally to any object of information does not matter.

As part of the research on the implementation of the patents, it was established that this principle, it is based on the principle of the universe, in general, when the original light that was created by God as the universal light for eternal time tends to be both dynamic and static. And in this case the static phase is practically realized in all dynamic intervals and in all structures of the world. And it turns out that the intersection of the dynamic phase of reality and the static phase of reality can describe actually any structures of the event series.

Thus, some time ago, I published my proven in practice theory in the journal "Electronic Engineering" with the derivation of the formula of the general reality where the intersections of the dynamic phase of reality and the static phase of reality make it possible not only to describe the phenomena of reality, but also make it possible, in forecasting control, using, for example, the structures of the controlling clairvoyance, of the controlling forecasting, the development of the spiritual level at the level of special cognition systems for ensuring eternal life, these systems make it possible to optimize the events so that these events with any version of development of information in the world, of events in the world ensure eternal life for all.

And in this way, it is possible to use this light generated by the operator, that is, by a human, as a regulator for ensuring eternal life, and moreover for all.
And on this basis, on the basis and in accordance with patents "The Method of Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization", where the controlling impulse is normalized, which is generated by a person in the form of an element of his consciousness, in the form of a glow of thought, and also in accordance with the patent "Information Carrying System", I created a three-mode device for the development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U.
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