Methods of concentration with the PRK-1U device

Development of concentrations providing eternal life for all is carried out by the concentration of attention on the receiver of generated bio-signal and in the same time control for achieving result of the concentrations.

The longer the concentration is carried out, the faster the goal is achieved, and the events are optimized.

The device, in addition to this factor of psychology, according to the law of universal connections has a control of the goal of concentration through superposition of the fields from generation of the bio-signal, electromagnetic fields.

In order to activate the function of the device "PRK-1U" a person concentrates emission of creative thought on the lenses located on the upper surface of the device.
Thought contains a goal of concentration. The action of concentration for the current and future time is made on the sensor element of the transmitter of signals consisting of lenses. Circular movements of concentrations starting from smaller diameter lens are carried out counter-clockwise above the lenses of a bigger diameter.
Development of concentrations of eternal life for REJUVENATION
The method:
When performing this concentration you can visualize yourself at the desired age and in the course of the concentration feel it to the point that you really perceive yourself as being that age.
You can perform concentration for your own rejuvenation; after that - for rejuvenation of other people. If you think that you are young as it is and thus do not need yet to work on rejuvenation, then you need to practice this concentration for training. Then in the future, when you do want to rejuvenate yourself, you will already know how to do it.
Even young people need to practice this concentration – for the future, so that one could rejuvenate himself at any time. That means we should start learning when young.

In this concentration, you need to focus attention on your spine. And close to the spinal column visualize numbers 498. In this manner you need to rejuvenate yourself using the glow of these numbers. In other words, the light from the numbers goes to and into the spine, and through the spine you need to rejuvenate yourself. Fully.
The matter of eternal life generated by the device comes out from the space between the lenses. It is emitted from the space between the lenses. You need to bring the matter of eternal life into your spine's coccygeal region, so that the matter of eternal life travels up reaching your brain; and simultaneously other quantity of the matter, coming from the small lens, enters through the right and left eyes to join the matter coming from the coccyx, thus closing the circuit.
You need to bring the matter of eternal life from the center space between the lenses straight into the brain. From there - into the bone marrow of the limbs. And through the bone marrow - into each cell of the body.
Development of eternal life concentrations for ANY EVENT
First you need to concentrate on a localized spot or region of your body, say, for normalizing.
Then the same concentration can be done for other regions.
After that you can concentrate on any event.

In this concentration, you need to transfer an element of your consciousness to the infinite future, and from this infinite future to see that the events that you planned have been realized. For example, you look at the past from the present, and there the desired events happened the way you wanted them to happen – the same here: you look from the future to the past, which is the present, but it is the past in relation to the future. Or if we take a more distant future, then it is also both: the future and at the same time the past in relation to the next future. Therefore, you need to look kind of back. To look back from the infinite future and see that your intended events have translated into reality.
Development of eternal life concentrations for CONTROL CLAIRVOYANCE
First you need to apply control clairvoyance to see, in the current time, the room or the place you left or visited a few hours ago.
After that you can apply control clairvoyance for any event. It is advisable that you set the aim of control you really want to achieve.

While viewing events in the course of the concentration on control clairvoyance, you can correct, improve the events at the same time, if need be, as control clairvoyance differs from ordinary clairvoyance in that control clairvoyance, when applied for event viewing, at the same time corrects, improves, if needed, the events to ensure eternal life.
Development of eternal life concentrations for CONTROL FORECASTING
The control forecasting concentration should as well include the following aim of control: with the help of the device, to develop your consciousness and spirit so that eventually you can do without the device, using only your developed spirit and consciousness.

The method
In this concentration you need to view your infinite future, eternal future and see in this eternal future, let's say, a million years from now, basically, in any point of the infinite future, see concretely some of the events that concern you. See what exactly you are doing there. And furthermore, from the current time you need to examine your cellular composition, i.e. the body cells, the functions of the body - to examine and make sure that all this is normal in that infinite future. It is better to create the norm right off in the current time.
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